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Tiffany39, 39/YO
I'm a married woman and I'm looking for a guy to play with me while my husband watches. He won't touch me while you're there, but he'll help to get you hard for me. That could mean sucking you off or giving you a handjob while you stand over me, but that's up to you.
Lanette42, 42/YO
I'm an older woman but I'm still really attracted to teenage guys. There's just something about the way they act that turns me on. I've acted on my impulses in the past and got in a lot of trouble with parents… I want to meet a young guy here and see how far things go […]
Betty25, 25/YO
I think I have a pretty nice body. What do you guys think? I want to hear what you want to do to it. Be descriptive and tell me how it would make me feel. It also helps if you send a long a cock pick so I can really imagine it.
Kathy25, 25/YO
I want to feel you inside me 🙂
Teagan, 47/YO
I'm super fucking horny right now.. Especially in summer.Just looking to find a nice, clean, horny guy who is not going to whine about relations or going steady but just wants to enjoy fornication in all dirty and nasty ways.
Vivian53, 53/YO
I'm looking for a nice young man to come over and let me show hims a good time. I know that it's difficult to be a young man right now. Most of you are being taught that you have to be feminine and not real men. I want to stop that from happening by showing […]
Candi19, 19/YO
Are you the kind of guy who's willing to force me to take you???
Shelly21, 21/YO
I love it when my body gets a man HARD 🙂
Janice47, 47/YO
My husband wants to watch me have sex with someone else. You have to be fit and I want you to have a huge cock. If you don't then I want you to be okay with putting on a strap on to fuck me. My husband is massive and I need a lot to feel […]
Megan43, 43/YO
I want to try foot stuff with a real foot guy ;p


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