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Becca24, 24/YO
Stepdad will masturbate with me, but he won't fuck me. I really need it bad… Just looking to fuck and nothing else. I consider my stepdad my boyfriend. Hope you understand 🙂
Jacoba35, 35/YO
Taste your cum for me and let me know how it is. If it's nice and tangy, I want it in my mouth 🙂
Elise43, 43/YO
How many of you guys would be willing to fuck me while my husband watches and jerks off onto my pussy? He can make sure to not shoot it on you, but I can't promise that it won't end up on you. It might drip down or I might try to ride you without thinking. […]
Srishtidoll, 32/YO
Hi, I am looking for quick and clear contact. no fake, advertising or whatever. Just a nice man to hang with!
LailaLay, 43/YO
Married housewife looking for some fun. I don't care how you like to fuck. I want to try it out. My husband isn't very experimental at all. He hates trying new things. I love it. If he can't satisfy this part of me, then I need to have it satisfied elsewhere. Tell me about he […]
SlimFuckins, 34/YO
I'm a slim married women who enjoy being tossed around and taken by multiple men, so bring your friends ;p
Leila27, 27/YO
Natalie65, 65/YO
I'm married and much older than you. My husband wants to watch.


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