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Cassidy26, 26/YO
I'm a naturally submissive girl who's looking for man to take control of me. I want to be told how to do everything. I like it when a guy talks down to me and makes me feel dumb. It's even better when he makes me walk behind him and tells everyone we meet how stupid […]
Michelle26, 26/YO
I really love it when an older man knows how to take control of me in the bedroom. I think about it a lot and I want to get to a point where I'm able to submit to someone in every way possible. You have to know how to treat a woman like property, though.
Felicity26, 26/YO
I'm really serious when I say that I have a cum fetish and that I love it when a guy shoots his load all over my face. I like to take pics of it so I can look at them when I touch myself in bed. I'm looking for a bunch of guys who are […]
Hannah31, 31/YO
I really enjoy touching myself in front of strangers. I don't know why. Sometimes I take the train just so I can masturbate in a group of people. I'm interested in inviting a few different guys over just to let them watch me touch myself. You can jerk off while you want, as well.
Jaqueline24, 24/YO
I really like it when guys think that I'm sweet and innocent. It always changes as soon as I get them into my bed and scream at them to shove their cocks up my asshole and make me their whore LOL. Can you handle me when I'm at my sluttiest like that, Daddy?
Jackie26, 26/YO
I love being used, I really do. I love it when I wake in some stranger guy's bed and he just kicks me out onto the street. I have this fantasy of being forced out the door without being allowed to take any of my clothes with me. I just have to find my own […]
Elizabeth38, 38/YO
I'm a married woman and I'm looking for a younger man who knows how to be discreet. I have sex with my husband once a month and I want to make sure that I have someone else's cum inside me when he eats me out so I can humiliate him without him even knowing it!
Angelica43, 43/YO
I'm desperate for some role play. I once offered one of my students the chance to go down on me in return for a good grade. He accepted but couldn't keep it between us and I very nearly lost my job. I still fantasize about holding that power over him and want to experience it […]
Ginnifer43, 43/YO
So, first things first, I'm not willing to have sex with anyone. I'm just not interested in it. I'm looking for a masturbation buddy. While I can't stand the sensation of a man being inside me, I do love to watch them stroke their cocks until they shoot their salty cum all over their own […]
Linda69, 69/YO
Can you fuck me like a real man?


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