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Sapphire54, 54/YO
Ex-Stripper looking for a giant cock on a young guy 🙂
Krista, 47/YO
Well i am a hot cougar who just loves to sail and enjoy life, but I want a man to share it with as well!
Lucy98, 44/YO
I'm just looking for a good time ;p
Mandy28, 28/YO
Youngish MILF looking for teen guy to make her feel sexy again…
Candy41, 41/YO
I'm a married woman who fantasizes about being forced by teenage guys while my husband watches…
Betty19, 19/YO
Something happened to me the other day and I can't stop thinking about it. My best friend broke up with he boyfriend. I've always been friendly with him, so he came over to talk to me about her. I know that she's totally over him, but he's not. I told him the best way to […]
Jen19, 19/YO
I'm looking for someone who isn't afraid to spank me when I'm naughty. I also want someone who's going to treat me like a real woman. My last boyfriend couldn't do that. Simple things like cumming in my face to mark me as his territory made him gag and cry. I need a real man […]
Valery28, 28/YO
Anyone want to wrestle? (ง︡'-'︠)ง
Sandra26, 26/YO
I just want to have a good time with someone 🙂
Sheena28, 28/YO
I'm married to a much older man for convenience. You have to be extremely discreet and okay with anal sex.


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