Terms of Service

Please make sure you read this terms of service agreement, in its entirety, before registering for HookupsNearMe.com. Any and all use of HookupsNearMe.com is conditioned upon your acceptance of and compliance to these terms. Any and all visitors and members of HookupsNearMe.com must adhere to the terms and rules contained herein. If you do not agree to these terms, please leave this site immediately. You may not access the features or services of HookupsNearMe.com without fully agreeing to the terms and services listed here.

Termination of account

HookupsNearMe.com withholds the right to suspend or terminate your account and access to the services supplied immediately and without prior notice. We shall be held to no accountability if it is determined that you have violated our terms of service. Such violation shall result in you being banned from any current and future services offered by HookupsNearMe.com.

Paid subscriptions

HookupsNearMe.com offers services on a paid, monthly basis. Any and all billing shall occur on recurring dates. Such billings will continue to occur until you, the user, cancels said subscription. You will not receive partial credit for accounts canceled mid-cycle.

User content

HookupsNearMe.com allows you to post and share text, pictures, graphics, video and other content to your account. You, the user, are responsible to ensure that it adheres to our guidelines. No material may be posted of persons under the age of 18. No persons under the age of 18 may post any material on HookupsNearMe.com. If you are found to be in violation of these rules, your account will immediately be terminated and your profile, including the material therein, will be deleted. You will not have access to any appeals process. All decisions made by HookupsNearMe.com on such matters will be final. It is your duty to ensure your own privacy and adherence to common ethics when posting any such material.

Links to third party material and web sites

No user may post links to material hosted on third party sites. HookupsNearMe.com may post such links at its own discretion. HookupsNearMe.com is not in control of, or liable for, any material on these third party sites. HookupsNearMe.com is also not liable for the loss to or damage received by the goods or services offered by the third party sites it shares. You, the user, are responsible for your use of said sites.

Changes to the Terms of Service

HookupsNearMe.com reserves the right to modify, delete or replace any of the terms listed herein. If any changes are made, HookupsNearMe.com will provide adequate notice to its users and visitors. Anything that may or may not constitute a change to the Terms of Service will be decided at the sole discretion of HookupsNearMe.com.

Impersonation of other persons, slander, libel, discrimination and harmful activities

By using HookupsNearMe.com, you agree to NOT impersonate any other person, living or dead.

You MAY NOT make false statement about any other person or organization.

You MAY NOT share any content of any other person with or without their consent.

You MAY NOT share any viruses or similar programs.

You MAY NOT share any content that is illegal, harmful or discriminatory in any way. Discrimination is hereby stated as related to age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political belief or gender identity. 

You MAY NOT share any surveys or contests.

You MAY NOT harass any other person or organization on HookupsNearMe.com.

You MAY NOT use any other person’s account or profile for any reason.

You MAY NOT share your account information or profile with any other person for any reason.


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You may contact HookupsNearMe.com with any questions regarding its terms and conditions at any time. You may also contact HookupsNearMe.com to report users who violate its terms of service.